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Best Home Remodeling in Tyler Tx

We can help you get the perfect space you've always dreamed about while maximizing your property value!

Our services include:

  • House Renovation
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Countertop Installation

ā€œ Beautiful work. Final product exceeded all my expectations."

Jane M.

Home Remodeling in Tyler Tx

Welcome to Home Remodeling Tyler Tx. We are the premier home remodeling company in the entire Tyler Texas area and have helped many of our customers achieve the dream spaces they have always wanted!

Renovating homes is our passion, and we do a really great job at it. It's honestly no wonder 9 out of 10 people choose us to do their remodeling in Tyler and surrounding areas.

There are many aspects of the renovation process and we can do it all. Our home remodeling contractors Tyler Tx specialize in many different remodeling services.

Our Main Tyler Tx Remodeling Services

Full House Remodeling





Quartz & Granite Countertops

Tyler Home Remodeling

Benefits Of Using House Remodeling Tyler Tx

We aren't just any normal remodeling company. We help our clients manage the overwhelming details of your home remodel or build project.

Our team-based, single point of contact helps with the planning, the design, the estimations, the selection and the different services together under one contract for a more efficient and consistent home improvement experience.

Benefits Include:

  • Cost Savings - Our approach provides amazing value and cost efficient strategies to be the most efficient with your budget.
  • Expert Contractors - We use the best home remodeling contractors Tyler Tx to get the job done right. We are consistent and will stay on track until the job is completed.
  • Time Savings - Tackling on the project yourself may save you money, but usually these project are too large to be taken on for a DIYers skill level. We will ensure your home renovation project stays on schedule so you can get back to normal life quickly.
  • Proper Coding & Licensing - The contractors (i.e plumbers & electricians) we use are licensed and bonded in Texas to work on your home. We make sure to follow all the proper city and state build codes in the area.
  • Free Estimates - We can come to your property and give you a free no-obligation quote of your project!

Should you remodel your home?

Simple answer... Yes!

If you love your home and you want to stay there, doing a remodel is the best and most simplest way to make the home you love even better! Remodeling allows you to customize your current home without having to worry about selling it and then buying a new one.

Yes, you will be living in a construction zone for a period of time, but once it's finished, it will not only improve your home value, but will allow you to truly appreciate your home in a different way.

Increase the value of your home

This is one of the biggest reasons that people renovate their homes. Improving your home value means more money in your pocket when you eventually sell. Redoing your kitchen can add the most value of any other type of remodel in your home. Renovating your bathroom adds the second most value to your home.

Remember, renovations do require up front costs, but if you have the money, these immediate costs are often worth it over the long run.

How to decide whether to renovate your current home or just move

It's not easy to decide whether to stay in your current home and renovate or to just move.

The way to decide comes down to a few different questions that you need to answer.

1. Your home location

2. Is there enough space for you to grow your family

3. Do you have the money to renovate

Depending on the answer to these questions will determine whether you should move or renovate your current home. We beleieve that increasing the value of your current home is worthwhile investment and will help you earn equity to sell at a higher price later. It also will help you continue to create new memories in your home because you are able to love and appreciate spending more time in the renovated areas.

Our Remodeling Services


Full House Remodel

If you are looking for a full home remodeling Tyler Tx solution, than look no further.

We have amazing home renovation plans that are sure to give you the look and desire you are wanting.

We know we are the best home renovation business to help with your needs.

When it comes to home remodeling construction and or full home restoration, you need a company that will go above and beyond while staying on time and on budget.

Speaking of budget, did you know the cost per square foot to renovate your home is miles less expensive then what you'd pay per square foot on a new home?

Our missions is to always put you first and over-deliver on your expectations. That's why, as one of the top home renovation companies, we are confident that we are the right home renovation contractors for you.

Learn more about our complete home renovation process.


Bathroom Remodel

We can help you with your bathroom remodel Tyler Tx.

If you need custom bathroom remodeling ideas, we hope you choose us as your contractor for bathroom renovation!

Many people in the area who are looking to get a bathroom upgrade call us for bathroom remodel designs. Whether it's a large bathroom or you are remodeling a small bathroom, you will be blown away by the bathroom improvements from our expert contractors.

A home bathroom remodel requires precision and efficiency in order to create a personal bathroom oasis while staying on budget.

Learn more about how our bathroom contractors can help with your bathroom renovation!


Kitchen Remodel

If you need kitchen remodeling ideas, we can help you. We have worked with many people in the area get an amazing kitchen for cooking and entertaining. You will just love being in your new kitchen after it's designed and remodeled by us!

We can help come up with custom kitchen remodel plans specific to your wants and needs. If you need architectural drawings we can supply that too.

Whether it's a large kitchen or small kitchen remodeling, we can create a kitchen remodeling design that fits within your budget.

Kitchen remodeling Tyler Tx is typically the focal point of a home and the place where it can bring the most property value .

Learn more about what our our kitchen contractors can do to help you with your kitchen renovation in Tyler Tx!


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of our specialties when it comes to countertop installation.

We put granite everywhere including in the kitchen and installing granite bath countertops as well.

After installation, we will help you tips on cleaning granite countertops and proper granite countertop care to get the most out of your granite so it lasts a lifetime.

There are many different colors to choose from, from white granite to black granite. There are also a wide range of costs. Depending on if you want the best granite countertops or looking for affordable granite countertops, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Learn more about why we are the top company for granite Tyler Tx!


Quartz Countertops

If you are looking at quartz vs granite countertops, we offer both.

Quartz countertops Tyler Tx is a hot commodity these days because of its durability and consistence in style.

Quartz comes in a wide selection of styles and quartz countertop colors. Whether you want quartz kitchen countertops or quartz bathroom countertops, we are confident that we will find an option to fit your budget.

Our counter top contractors are skilled and we are confident that you will be very happy with your quartz Tyler Tx

Learn more about quartz and why it may be the right countertop option for your house renovation.


Other Services

Home Remodeling Tyler Tx has many other home renovation services to meet your needs.

If you are wondering if we supply other products besides granite and quarts, the answer is we do!

We work with Quartzite, Travertine, and Marble!

If you are planning home renovation for your property, we can help with all major home remodels and even even small ones.

We can also help with any interior remodeling or any exterior home remodel applications. If you need architectural drawings we can include those as well.

Contact us today to find out if we can help you with your upcoming project and then we can schedule a time to come to your property and give you a free estimate.

About Tyler Texas

Tyler is a city in eastern Texas and the largest city in Smith County. It's known for its roses and is sometimes called the "Rose City" or "Rose Capital of the World".

Tyler is sunny most of the year and has many surround recreational areas for boating, fishing, swimming, and playing.

It's one of the best places to live in Texas and offers residents a suburban feel with above average schools and moderate demographics. Most people who live here own their homes and it's found to be a tight-nit community. It is also home to two colleges and one major university, University of Texas at Tyler (UTT).

Other nearby cities that we do Tyler home renovation services include:

  • Whitehouse, Tx
  • Flint, Tx
  • Bullard, Tx
  • Chandler, Tx
  • Lindale , Tx
  • Jacksonville, Tx
  • And many more areas in Smith County

What Our Clients Are Saying

I can't say it enough. These guys are amazing and I love my new kitchen. Going to have them do my bathroom next!

Kayla Sampson

Tyler, Texas

Our complete home remodel is amazing and has increased the value of our home by so much. Thanks for your hard work.

Jacob Fischer

Flint, Texas

They were so easy to talk to. So impressed with them and they definitely over-delivered! SO happy with the final results!

Allison Mae

Tyler, Tx

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